What is Multimedia and its characteristics and components of multimedia ?

What is Multimedia and its characteristics and components of multimedia ?

What is Multimedia and its characteristics and components of multimedia ?

Multimedia is a medium through which we can communicate very easily. Multimedia is the combination of two or more media.

Media in multimedia comes in various forms such as graphics, photography, text, video and why types of animation.
Multimedia can be very simply defined as the combination of graphics, audio, text animation and video using a computer.

To work with multimedia, people’s personal computer requires many things such as:-

  1. a powerful microprocessor.
  2. large memory.
  3. storage capability.
  4. a high-quality monitor.
  5. external speakers or headphones.
  6. CD ROM / DVD ROM drive.
  7. special software to utilize many of these devices.

Multimedia is divided into two parts:-

  • linear.
  • nonlinear categories.

1) Linear multimedia:- In linear multimedia, the active content progresses without any navigation controls for the viewer, such as a cinema presentation.

2) Non-linear multimedia:- Non-linear multimedia provides its user with interactivity to control content progress as it is used with computer games or in self-paced computer based training is done. Non-linear multimedia is also known as hypermedia content.

characteristics of multimedia

(1) The system should be computerized.

(2) The multimedia system needs to be integrated.

(3) The information handled by the multimedia system needs to be presented digitally.

(4) Multimedia presentations can be viewed and projected from one person on the stage, or even played locally with a media player.

(5) Multimedia systems are interactive. Its users are proactive and can manipulate whatever is being communicated in it.

(6) Multimedia allows people to have two-way communication. Its users can easily use devices such as keyboard, trackball or joystick to interact with the multimedia system.

(7) The multimedia system puts a lot of attention between the game and the people.

(8) People are interested in multimedia messaging rather than simple text messages.

Components of multimedia:-

Any multimedia application can have all the following components such as:-

  1. text
  2. images/ graphics
  3. sound
  4. video
  5. animation

(1) Text:- Text plays a very important role in almost all multimedia applications. The design of multimedia text and the contents of this content are very different from other types of text such as newspaper text, magazine text and book text.

(2) images/ graphics:- The function of the image is to represent the weather analog or it also plays an important role in digital multimedia. Image/graphics can be expressed in the form of pictures, paintings or even a photograph and can be taken through a digital camera.

(3) sound/ audio:- Sound is one of the key elements of any type of exciting and successful multimedia presentation. It includes spoken words, voice, music and even noise etc. The main reason for using digital audio in a computer is to be able to fully utilize multimedia to its full potential.

(4) Video:- Video is the most useful and powerful tool for multimedia. It helps in bringing computer users closer to the real world. Video makes all the elements of multimedia useful, it brings to life the logo’s product and service, but at a high cost. In multimedia, video is used to display a real-time moving picture in a project.

(5) Animation: –Animation is a rapid display of a sequence of images of a 2D network or a model position in order to create the illusion of movement. It can be created and displayed in many ways. Animation also plays a huge role in the entertainment and educational industry. Simply adds a visual impact to a multimedia project.


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