Jakhu temple trek distance | jakhu temple distance from mall road shimla | ridge to jakhu temple distance.

Jakhu temple trek distance |

Jakhu temple trek distance | jakhu temple distance from mall road shimla | ridge to jakhu temple distance.

The Jakhu Temple is a famous religious site located in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is situated on Jakhu Hill, which is the highest peak in Shimla and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Here are some key points about the Jakhu Temple:

Importance: The Jakhu Temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is a prominent figure in Hindu mythology and is revered as a symbol of strength, devotion, and loyalty.

Legend: According to local legends, Lord Hanuman stopped at Jakhu Hill while searching for a rare medicinal herb to heal Lord Lakshmana during the epic Ramayana. The temple is believed to be built at the exact spot where Lord Hanuman rested.

Accessibility: The temple is located approximately 2.5 kilometers from the Ridge in Shimla and can be reached by either hiking or using a taxi or car. The climb involves a steep ascent and takes about 30-45 minutes on foot.

Hanuman Statue: The Jakhu Temple is known for its massive statue of Lord Hanuman, which stands at a height of 108 feet (33 meters). This statue is visible from various parts of Shimla and is one of the tallest statues of Lord Hanuman in the world.

Wildlife: Jakhu Hill is also home to a significant population of monkeys. These monkeys are considered sacred and are believed to be the descendants of Lord Hanuman. Visitors are advised to be cautious while interacting with them and to avoid feeding or provoking them.

Festivals: The temple attracts a large number of devotees, especially during festivals like Diwali and Hanuman Jayanti. These occasions witness special prayers and ceremonies, drawing devotees from different parts of the country.

Panoramic Views: Besides its religious significance, the Jakhu Temple offers breathtaking views of Shimla, the surrounding valleys, and the Himalayan mountain ranges. Many visitors enjoy the scenic beauty and use this location as a vantage point for photography.

It’s worth noting that while I strive to provide up-to-date information, there may have been recent developments or changes regarding the Jakhu Temple. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to verify the details before planning a visit.

jakhu temple trek distance?

The distance of the trek to Jakhu Temple in Shimla can vary depending on the starting point. The most common starting point for the trek is from the Ridge in Shimla. From the Ridge, the distance to Jakhu Temple is approximately 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles).

The trek involves a steep ascent as you make your way up Jakhu Hill. It typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes to reach the temple on foot, depending on your pace and fitness level. The trail is well-marked and passes through a forested area.

While the distance is not very long, it’s important to note that the trek can be physically demanding due to the steep incline. It’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes and carry drinking water during the trek. Additionally, be cautious of the monkeys that inhabit the area and avoid carrying any food items that may attract them.

If you prefer not to trek, you can also reach Jakhu Temple by taking a taxi or car, which would save you the effort of climbing the hill.

how to reach jakhu temple by car?

To reach Jakhu Temple in Shimla by car, you can follow these directions:

1: Start from your location in Shimla and head towards the Ridge, which is the central point of the city.

2: From the Ridge, take the road that leads to the Shimla-Kufri Road. This road is well-marked and usually busy with traffic.

3: Continue driving on the Shimla-Kufri Road until you reach the Green Valley viewpoint, which is about 2 kilometers from the Ridge. You can make a short stop here to enjoy the scenic views.

4: After the Green Valley viewpoint, continue driving on the Shimla-Kufri Road for approximately 3 kilometers more. Look for signboards or directions indicating the way to Jakhu Temple.

5: The road to Jakhu Temple will take a sharp left turn from the Shimla-Kufri Road. Follow this road as it gradually ascends towards Jakhu Hill.

6: As you drive up the hill, you will come across a parking area near the temple. You can park your car here and then walk the remaining distance to the temple.

It’s important to note that the roads in Shimla can be narrow and congested, especially during peak tourist seasons. Exercise caution while driving and follow traffic rules. Additionally, be prepared for some steep sections as you approach Jakhu Temple.

Please note that road conditions and traffic patterns may have changed since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, so it’s always a good idea to check with local authorities or use navigation apps for real-time directions.

history of jakhu temple?

The history of Jakhu Temple in Shimla dates back several centuries. Here’s an overview of its historical significance:

1: Mythological Connections: According to local legends, the site where Jakhu Temple stands today is believed to be the spot where Lord Hanuman rested during his search for the Sanjeevani herb in the epic Ramayana. It is said that Lord Hanuman’s footprints can be found on the hill.

2: Early Temples: The earliest historical records suggest that a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman existed on Jakhu Hill in the 19th century. This temple was believed to have been constructed by a sage named Yaaku.

3: Construction of the Current Temple: The present-day Jakhu Temple was built in the 20th century. It is said to have been constructed by the Indian freedom fighter and social reformer, Swami Amar Dev, who initiated the temple’s renovation and expansion.

4: Architectural Style: The Jakhu Temple showcases a blend of traditional Himachali architecture with modern elements. The temple features intricate woodwork, beautifully carved doors, and a towering shikhara (spire) that adds to its grandeur.

5: Hanuman Statue: The construction of the 108-feet (33 meters) tall statue of Lord Hanuman near the temple was initiated in 2010. It took several years to complete and was unveiled to the public in 2017. This statue has become a prominent landmark and a major tourist attraction in Shimla.

6: Religious Significance: Jakhu Temple holds great religious significance for devotees of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that offering prayers at the temple can fulfill one’s wishes and provide protection from evil. Devotees flock to the temple, especially during festivals like Diwali and Hanuman Jayanti, to seek blessings.

Over the years, Jakhu Temple has become an important cultural and spiritual center in Shimla, attracting both devotees and tourists. Its historical roots, mythological connections, and serene location on Jakhu Hill contribute to its popularity and reverence among visitors.


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