Blockchain history | History of Blockchain Technology | Blockchain Technology history.

Blockchain history | History of Blockchain Technology | Blockchain Technology history.

Blockchain history | History of Blockchain Technology | Blockchain Technology history.

In today’s time, every person wants to get all the information related to Blockchain technology. There is only one question in the mind of every person that what is blockchain technology and where is this technology used.

We will share with you all the information related to Blockchain What is Blockchain . What technology isused in Blockchain Technology .

what is blockchain technology

Blockchain is such a kind of technology, we can also say that it is a platform where records of any digital currency or any digital thing can be kept safely. If we understand you in simple words, then Blockchain Technology is a Digital Ledger.

Whenever there is any digital transaction, the record of complete information of that transaction is protected by blockchain technology itself. In Blockchain technology, there are many block chains available in which the record of digital transactions is saved in the block. In blockchain technology, data is encoded by cryptography technology, which we also call Hash.
Blockchain is a Decentralized Public Ledger technology, that is, buyers and sellers can do transactions without any bank through this technology.

Due to being a Decentralized Ledger, there is transparency in this technology, so that the copy of Ledger reaches all the computers connected to the network of this technology. Due to which it is very difficult to tamper with it. Therefore blockchain technology can be considered very secure.

Overall, if we see this, then Blockchain technology is a decentralized digital ledger, through which the record of transactions of Digital CryptoCurrency  can be kept very easily.

For your information, let us tell you that the first crypto currency ‘Bitcoin’ was created from blockchain technology.

History of Blockchain

To get answers to questions like what is Blockchain, one thing must be going on in the mind of the people that after all, who is the one who thought of making Blockchain technology? Let me tell you about the great person who introduced blockchain technology to the world.

Blockchain was proposed in the year 1984 by a famous cryptographer named David Chau. The work to advance this technology has been done by Stuart Harber, W.Scott Stornetta in 1991 AD. But at that time our world was not developed enough that people could accept this technology.

When Cryptocurrency technology like Bitcoin was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009, everyone started using Blockchain technology.

Some examples of blockchain:

You must have used Google Spreadsheets at some point in your life. If we think carefully, we will find that the Google spreadsheet we are using is such a document or it is a ledger that can be shared on every computer in the world and it is connected to the internet. If we make any kind of change in this spreadsheet, it gets recorded in one row of it.

Anyone using a mobile device or a computer can connect to the spreadsheet in their mobile via the Internet and access its data very easily. Anyone connected to the Internet can very easily see the data entered in this spreadsheet, but no one can change the data already in it. Basically it is called blockchain technology. The only difference is that while the spreadsheet contains the data in separate rows, the data is stored in different blocks in the blockchain.

In such a situation, we can conclude that a block of blockchain technology is a collection of information in which data or information is collected in many types of small blocks and they are placed one after the other in a chronological manner and added unhe. When many blocks are joined together to form a chain, it is called blockchain technology.

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